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Artikel: The latest iPhone model could bear the name "iPhone 15 Ultra"

The latest iPhone model could bear the name "iPhone 15 Ultra"-Apple Watch Armband günstig kaufen

The latest iPhone model could bear the name "iPhone 15 Ultra"

The latest iPhone model might actually be named "iPhone 15 Ultra"

  • The imminent high-end model of the iPhone 15 might be bearing the name "‌iPhone 15‌ Ultra," says a fresh rumor.
  • The rechristening of the "Pro Max" model has been proposed in various speculations, but now it seems the name "‌iPhone 15‌ Ultra" may be back on the table.
  • Apple's product naming often fluctuates during developmental stages, hence, the actual name of the device remains uncertain.

Is the "Pro Max" model becoming the "Ultra"?

In a September 2022 edition of his weekly "Power On" newsletter, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman hinted that the iPhone 15 Ultra may replace the iPhone 15 Pro Max this year. The rumor about the renaming circulated around the end of 2022 and start of 2023 by key sources like Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, but the idea has since faded and the focus has shifted to Apple introducing this model instead as a new high-end device next year.

Now, Andrew O’Hara of AppleInsider asserts that the name "‌iPhone 15‌ Ultra" is back in discussion. Though O’Hara doesn't have much history with Apple speculation, he did share accurate renderings of the second generation AirPods Pro before their unveiling last year.

Principles of Product Naming

Apple's product naming is always a work in progress during the product's development phase, hence the final name of the gadget can remain unknown till the very end. The latest example being visionOS, which was named as such despite numerous indications that it would be called "xrOS". Whether Apple is changing the name of its "Pro Max" model this year is unknown. However, it's likely that this concept was at least considered.

In Short

Despite plenty of rumors and speculation, the final nomenclature of the incoming high-end model of the iPhone 15 remains a mystery. It is, however, certain that the tech giant is pondering various possibilities and the final name will reflect the innovation and evolution of the device.

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