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Artikel: Parallels Desktop 19: New Features and Enhanced macOS Sonoma Support

Parallels Desktop 19: New Features and Enhanced macOS Sonoma Support-Apple Watch Armband günstig kaufen

Parallels Desktop 19: New Features and Enhanced macOS Sonoma Support


  • The latest version of Parallels Desktop 19 for Mac now enables password-less login with Touch ID and includes full support for Apple's upcoming macOS Sonoma operating system.
  • The software now offers improved compatibility with macOS Sonoma and enhanced printing functions from Windows applications via Internet Printing Protocol (IPP).
  • Other notable improvements include expanded OpenGL support, improved performance for ArcGIS Pro, and compatibility with additional Linux distributions.

Parallels Desktop 19 Unpacks New Features

Parallels Desktop 19 is out, bringing a host of impressive features and performance enhancements for the virtualization software. One of the most exciting new features is Touch ID integration, allowing users to log in with their fingerprint and confirm Apple Pay transactions. But that’s not all this version has to offer.

Password-less Login and macOS Sonoma Support

Starting with Parallels Desktop 19, users with a secure Windows login and password can now utilize Touch ID for logging into Windows virtual machines. It doesn't get any easier than that!

Furthermore, Parallels Desktop 19 ensures optimized compatibility with macOS Sonoma, including the newly developed Shared Printing via the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), allowing printing from Windows apps with minimal setup effort.

Improvements All Around

There are a series of additional improvements in the release notes for Parallels Desktop 19, including enhanced OpenGL support up to version 4.1. This is particularly useful for those wishing to run more CAD software on the Mac, including VariCAD, Deswik.CAD, Vectorworks Vision 2023, and more.

The software also now features improved performance for AcrGIS Pro, a map-design application, as well as new capabilities to run Arm-based Linux VMs on Mac computers with Apple Silicon using Rosetta.

Not forgetting, the new design of the Parallels Desktop software that allows for more user-friendly navigation and easier interaction with the app.

In a Nutshell

Parallels Desktop 19 is a significant step forward. With the new ability for password-less login with Touch ID, full support for macOS Sonoma, and the additional improvements, the software offers a stellar mix of performance and user-friendliness. Those who wish to use Parallels Desktop for Mac can purchase or upgrade to the Standard, Pro, or Business editions on the official page. There's even an option to download a free trial version.

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