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Artikel: New Siri Voices in iOS 17 Beta - More Natural and British!

New Siri Voices in iOS 17 Beta - More Natural and British!

New Siri Voices in iOS 17 Beta - More Natural and British!

- heißt die aktuelle News. What's Up, Apple lovers? We've got some exciting news from the latest iOS 17 beta. Two new "British" voices for Siri have been discovered, and they're sounding more natural than a cup of tea on a rainy day.

The new voices are the third and fourth options in the Siri Voice settings, giving users even more choice for their virtual assistant. It's unclear whether these voices were already included in previous beta versions or if they were added in the third beta. Either way, it's a neat addition.

The revelation was made thanks to a keen-eyed member of the MacRumors forums who stumbled upon this delightful surprise. We applaud your tenacity and attention to detail, dear forum member!

In addition to these new vocal delights, iOS 17 also brings some other changes to Siri. Now, you can give Siri commands without saying "Hey Siri" every time, making it even easier to have a chat with your digital companion. Siri is also now able to read web articles aloud, saving your precious peepers from straining on that tiny screen.

But wait, there's more! Siri now has the ability to be interrupted and asked multiple questions without the need to activate it again. So, it's like having a real conversation with your virtual assistant. Siri, are you ready for some philosophical discussions?

Well, folks, that's all for now. If you want to dive deeper into these Siri shenanigans, head over to the original article on MacRumors.com. Until then, keep talking to Siri, and remember, it's not just a voice assistant; it's your new British BFF. Cheers!