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Artikel: Apple releases sixth beta of macOS 14 Sonoma update for developers

Apple releases sixth beta of macOS 14 Sonoma update for developers-Apple Watch Armband günstig kaufen

Apple releases sixth beta of macOS 14 Sonoma update for developers


  • Apple has provided the sixth beta of the upcoming macOS 14 Sonoma update for developers for testing.
  • The new version offers new features, including advanced screensavers, desktop widgets, and enhanced video conferencing.
  • The macOS Sonoma Beta will be tested over the next few months, with a public release scheduled for this fall.

Detailed Information

Two weeks after launching the fifth beta, Apple has released the sixth beta of the impending macOS 14 Sonoma update for developmental testing. Registered developers can download the beta via the Apple Developer Center. Once the appropriate profile is installed, the betas are available through the Software Update mechanism in System Preferences.

Impressive New Features

macOS Sonoma introduces new screensavers reminiscent of Apple TV, which also function as wallpapers after logging in. Additionally, widgets have been moved to the desktop. With the new Widget Gallery, a variety of widgets can be selected and placed on the Mac desktop.

These widgets can be arranged according to users’ needs and are designed to be less distracting when an app is in use. They are also more interactive than before, allowing them to be used to play music, turn off home lights, etc. Through Continuity, iPhone widgets can also be displayed on the Mac desktop.

Enhanced Video Conferencing and More

Apple has also improved video conferencing with a new Presenter Overlay view, which presents the desktop or project in a new way. Safari now supports web apps for the dock, and offers the ability to create profiles to separate private from professional browsing. Other new features include an improved search that's faster and more responsive, a redesigned sticker interface for the Messages app, and greater integration of PDFs into Notes.

In Short

The new macOS Sonoma certainly has some exciting updates in store. Whether you're a developer or just eager to learn about the new features, it's worth keeping an eye on this current beta. We can say with assurance that the macOS 14 Sonoma update will bring many interesting new features that will lead to an improved user experience. Now, it's a matter of waiting until the public release in the fall.

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